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Born in Austin in 1982, Garden Spot Café & Catering is proud to be an Austin landmark. We are an Austin-owned business and we enjoy the connection that we have developed with the people of Austin over the years. Our mission is to provide great food, utilizing the freshest and finest ingredients available, and to deliver and serve that great food professionally and promptly to you, our valued client.

We offer an eclectic, relaxing atmosphere with excellent food for your breakfast and lunchtime dining experience. Our Café offers high quality meats and cheeses, the freshest produce and numerous original sauces to compliment our remarkable sandwiches and wraps. We also have a variety of delicious soups and salads that will keep you coming back for more! 

Our catering department eliminates the stress of hosting any event by combining a large, varied menu, a convenient ordering process, high quality delicious foods, and “on time” service delivered by our outstanding staff, all at an affordable price!  We can cater your business luncheon for 10, your dinner party for 50, your wedding reception for 300, or your corporate event for 700.  At Garden Spot, our professional chefs use ONLY the finest quality ingredients in preparing a delicious and healthy dining experience!

Whether you come visit the Café or have us cater for you, our unique culinary options reflect the diverse flavors and trends of the Austin area that are sure to please you and your guests!  

Phone: 512-835-1985 | Catering Hotline: 512-228-3737


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